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Out of curiosity, I'd quite like to know who are the people who have contributed to a project. This could be developed on in more detail later on, but as a first pass a list of people would be sufficient.

As someone who is interested in a project, I would like to go and view the project via a touch/click from the main project page.

Project Leaf a while ago
The section of the website a user is viewing when they click on a project. eg. http://collabotree.com/leafs/collabotree displays the leaf for this project.

If a designer crafts a beautiful logo, how do they go about adding it?

If there are projects which a lot of traction, submitting them to hacker news would be a good way of getting eyes on the site

Advertise the website on google adwords. Maybe a £2 budget per day just to generate impressions on peoples google searches

I assume it is possibly a hacker news style karma metric, but maybe not?

Perhaps an introduction on the landing page of the site that explains the purpose of the website and why someone would want to submit an idea, take part, or even lurk?

Content / Copy a while ago
Text, Videos, or other media that are used on the site. Also for the copy of various pages.

Donations a while ago
Paypal, flattr, other?

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