Biomimicry is the science of implementing natures solutions to our technical problems. Often nature already found best solutions to problems like water-repellence, leight-weight structures or light emission. Nature works resourceful and with least energy to be used. It would be great to have a simple opensource library to collect those principles of nature, letting the public know what exists and simplify collaboration between industries, engineers, designers, labratories and scientists. Industries have the advantage of more cost-efficient production and innovative products/manufacturing - scientist get a platform to communicate their researches and generate funding for it. win-win-situation right?
Our idea is to outfit a sailing catamaran, large enough to host workshops, carry a hackspace and striking enough to capture peoples imaginations. Anyone can come aboard and join us as we cruse around the world, 100% bitcoin powered digital nomads

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A crowdsourced collaboration and innovation site - dream, build, collaborate! The goal of this project is to build a framework where people from all over the world can work together on ideas, big and small. The tool should be as simple to use as possible, valuing human interaction over systems.
This is an Example Project to visualise how Collabotree works.

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Situations and tests designed to test the limits of self driving cars and highlight problematic areas.

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A modular blogging template 

Working out of Box

Is should be easy to launch 

Let's start a submission to the Greenpeace design challenge to make a portable, renewables-powered alternative to diesel water pump. Deadline is Nov 15, 2013 Further information on it here:
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A sandbox game, but with danger.
The purpose of the Makers Map ( is to map out the local (NZ) #Makers landscape, so that participants can find what they need & make it general easier to participate. It should really be an aggregator of publicly-available data, curated, and not really generate data in its own right.
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A ruby based replacement to PGAdmin which doesn't suck. Largely text-editor themed, simple but useful auto suggestion. Built around active record + pg gem.
This project is to build knowledge around simple ways of purifying contaminated water. Must be easy to build and maintain, so as to be useable in developing countries.
Develop and release an independent game for mobile. Maybe something puzzle based and experimental. Try and push games into a new space.
We should setup a company that provides aerial videography services to people all over the world. We get to play with cool RC gear, go to beautiful places and make amazing films.
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This service is aimed at letting anyone with an interest in innovation explore the Intellectual Property space in a simpler and more elegant way. Aims To help inventors, researchers, journalists or anyone at all, to more easily understand and explore the patent space.
To extend the 0 trust distributed nature of Bitcoin onto the crowdfunding world, we need a trustless blockchain-based distributed app to handle the process, release funds and reward backers.
awesome waterproof backpack. ideal for the freelance-commuter :B
Linux has come a long way, but the user experience has a lot of room for improvement.