9470e190b1744eace7565dfccfa8f56b Tommy Westlin Again, always keep it under 12 passengers + crew.. there are things to think about in many ways...
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 What about this?
Bitcat 03
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k Auckland - Great marina by a great city
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 We can add an area to invite people when they create a project. They want traction/help with their project, so this is convenient.
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k catarse: is a readymade crowdfunding platform
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k not sure if this has been extended for bitcoin or not
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k If traffic ahead of a vehicle unpredictably stops, and the alarm signal sounds, it might be necessary for the vehicle to squeeze it's way past other vehicles which could involve scratching, shunting or driving off the road.
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k GoPro Hero 3 Black Audio: 8/10 Video: 9/10 Value: 6/10
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 am on it to get a used one. not many out there though!
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k If a vehicle becomes trapped by the barriers, it becomes logical to force its way through the barriers to safety, causing damage to both itself and property.
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 am on it to get a used one. not many out there though!
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 The answer with the most upvotes will end up in the top.
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 Comments can be placed in the project page or specifically in an area of a project.
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 You can directly reply to someone's comment by hitting the speech bubble and then reply.
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 The map should know in which hierarchy to display things. Especially important in highly populated projects where areas start to overlap. Suggestions: - When I'm in start (centre) of my project it should focus on the immediate steps down. - Special focus on 'active' or in 'demand of work' areas, could be highlighted with contrast colour - Focus on the branch I currently am in (maybe zoomed in) - Ability to navigate the map, i.e. dragging and zooming it
9470e190b1744eace7565dfccfa8f56b Tommy Westlin Remember that more than 12 passengers is considered a passenger ship and will make more harm than good. 12 + crew is ok =)
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k New design is up!
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k And 2nd refresh up!
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k Lagoon 620 Cost around $1,500,000 Look like a great balance of space
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k "There’s no international code of practice for the safety of small commercial vessels outside the UK. Many countries accept commercial vessels with UK certificates, but you may need to follow local safety laws as well."

9470e190b1744eace7565dfccfa8f56b Tommy Westlin We have great sponsordeals with Intellian (satcom) Latency in the problem but new stuff seems to work ok..., we also have really good tech like 3G/4G. I can give you more info soon, we will start run trials soon..
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k Built :]
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 Awesome, thank you! Can we make the pink activity bubble in the header a bit smaller and maybe offset it to the top or bottom a bit?
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k CoinPrism:

allow for assets to be moved and recorded on bitcoin's blockchain by using the ColoredCoin protocol, which uses the OP_RETURN space on transactions
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k I like the idea of getting invited to a team/tribe/group, so instead of having to handle the entire site of unknown people, you're welcomed into a smaller group