Open calls A project can be closed but still have open calls to the broader community.
9470e190b1744eace7565dfccfa8f56b Tommy Westlin Again, always keep it under 12 passengers + crew.. there are things to think about in many ways...
Moodboards It would be really useful to have moodboards, as in collections of related imagery, links etc. Presented as something you can glance at and understand someones direction, in the interface itself.
A video A quick animation of what collabotree can accomplish, the benefits for you to use it and take part in projects.
List of people involved in a project Out of curiosity, I'd quite like to know who are the people who have contributed to a project. This could be developed on in more detail later on, but as a first pass a list of people would be sufficient.
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 What about this?
Bitcat 03
Ability to add a hyperlink to a project As someone who is interested in a project, I would like to go and view the project via a touch/click from the main project page.
Highlight path to root We could highlight the path to the root nodes, so you know which way is back
Arcane Mythology A world with hidden levels of meaning and complexity. Symbolism and puzzles. Mixing of different ideas.
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k Auckland - Great marina by a great city
Thumb linkedin pic leunsch89 We can add an area to invite people when they create a project. They want traction/help with their project, so this is convenient.
Route Destinations - where should we go?
Dropbox Integration Mimic tree structure for a project wide drop box
merge leafs? We could make it that you can merge together two similar leafs?
Unity3D with Uni2D plugin Good, because it can go on multiple platforms. Bit of a learning curve, but once you get going its not too bad.
72bc0fc7f7b8a90586c1f8ed80ec11db joran.k Lagoon 620 Cost around $1,500,000 Look like a great balance of space
PgPig Like 'SQUEEL' or something idk
Type based on patents Give each company a score against any tag it's patents are tagged with. Lets you see what each company's 'type' is.